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I specialize in custom designs for interior projects with my goal being to enhance the way people interact with the spaces they spend the most time in. My inspiration comes from the continuous research for the most comfortable way of living one's own space and my designs imbue beauty, flexibility, and purpose. I always maintain my client’s vision at every step of the process. 

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Development of interior and exterior spaces from their origin, accompanying the client from the preliminary to the executive phase.


Projects of complete or partial renovation of existing spaces in the domestic, retail, ephemeral and commercial sectors.


Design of objects and pieces of furniture customized according to the needs of the client and the project.


Technical and stylistic consulting regarding the choice of innovative concepts for strategic projects.

Recent Projects

Collection of projects realized in collaboration with international architectural offices and design firms


Restaurant in Barcelona

The objective of the reform was to give to this historic bar and restaurant in Barcelona a new image, manteining some of its characteristic elements. The use of materials such as wood for coatings, stoneware for flooring and contrasts of color obtained with some decorative elements, give the restaurant a vintage and cozy look. In this project my aim was to create the perfect combination between design and practicality. 

Project and Management realized during my stay at the Interior Design Studio Alfons & Damian (Barcelona)

Elegant apartment in Barcelona

The design project involves the renovation of an house in a building from the 70's. With the new distribution and the new partitions relocation the house the house appears to be brighter and more spacious than the previous project.  Some structural elements that could in the beginning be a weakness, have subsequently turned into strengths, like the main living room column that has been converted into a bookshelf system for a bookcase.

Project realized during my stay at the Interior Design Studio Molins Interiors (Barcelona)

Attic in front of the bay

This project involved the complete renovation of a beautiful attic facing the sea. The end result is a house that conveys elegance, linearity and simplicity, deliberately with the use of few materials and many touches of color given by the decoration elements. The space has been cleverly divided to have comfortable bedrooms for each family member and common sea view areas.

Project realized during my stay at the Interior Design Studio Molins Interiors (Barcelona)

A house full of culture

The project of this two-floor house provides for the use of natural wood combined with neutral colors. The core of the project is represented by a monolith that is evolving, creating a staircase that transform into a kitchen block. The monolith is topped by a large bookshelf wall, and throughout the house you can breathe this cultural breeze, even through the introduction of some iconic design pieces. All the furniture has been custom made.

Project realized during my stay at the Interior Design Studio Francesc Rifé Studio (Barcelona)

A kitchen inspired by nature

The collection "Nature" for a famous Spanish kitchen company is a new concept of kitchen that offers an alternative to the conventional kitchen designs and provides a space not only for preparing food but also incorporates a vegetable garden to bring a little grow space indoors. The contrast of materials, wood and steel create an environment of extraordinary elegance.

Project realized during my stay at the Interior Design Studio Francesc Rifé Studio (Barcelona)

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